What is the Latest Update on TOKI?

Tree of Knowledge International Corp. (CSE: TOKI) (OTCQB: TOKIF) had a busy year in 2019. Aside from dealing with the complexities of merging companies and harmonizing the filings of all companies and sub-companies, there have been many initiatives that were successfully concluded. Although the general pull back of the market has been less than kind to all companies in the sector, these activities and the resulting agreements have laid the foundation for the future growth of TOKI.

The passage of the famous Farm Bill in Washington, D.C. opened the way for Hemp CBD sales in the United States but the implementation of this bill has taken longer than expected. TOKI has a healthy list of CBD product clients in the United States and the activities in this sector are just picking up.  TOKI is dedicating its focus and resources to ramping up this exciting part of our business;

The opening of the European market has started a series of new connections and activities in different European countries for TOKI, which we anticipate moving forward during the remainder of 2019 and into 2020.

The opening of our new Multidisciplinary Chronic Pain Clinic in partnership with Jack Nathan Health, was a great milestone for all of us. The clinic is located within the new Jack Nathan Health® Medical Centre at the Walmart store located at 8300 Hwy 27, Vaughan, ON. Although the level II designation assessment by the CPSO also took longer than expected, the assessment by the College was successful and the clinic is operational. Since then, 3 other Jack Nathan Health clinics have been rolled out as satellite clinics.

The previously announced launch of TOKI’s research collaboration with Ryerson University on targeted treatments using ultrasound energy and nanotechnology aims at novel methods of Cannabinoid medicine delivery. TOKI is proud to be partnering with Ryerson University in this cutting-edge research. TOKI is continuing the Health Canada experimental clinical study on its ultrasound device in Toronto Poly Clinic.

The previously announced strategic partnership with the Northern Green Canada LP will open the way for more research and development in this area as well as rolling out the clinic network with best practices. TOKI has joined forces with technology holders in virtual medicine to lift barriers to care and enhance efficiency of medical cannabis patient care in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

All of these initiatives are seeds the company has planted in 2019 in order to translate into increased revenue and new science and development over the next 6-12 months.  It is setting up to be an exciting fall/winter for TOKI and we look forward to sharing further milestones as they become available.  

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