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Research & Development

Tree of Knowledge’s Research and Development department is a Canadian based, private healthcare company with two core business segments: The operation of multidisciplinary specialty pain clinics; and Medical cannabis education, research, product development/formulations, and best practices The Company’s flagship operating banner is the Toronto Poly Clinic Inc. group of specialty pain clinics. Toronto Poly Clinic has multiple research agreements with major universities on different Medical Cannabis projects for gathering real scientific data, evaluate effects on various diseases and developing new formulation and delivery methods. The recent partnership with the Jack Nathan Medical Inc., that operates 72 clinics in 6 provinces will lead to an affiliate clinic expansion program, and the implementation of a nationwide platform of medical cannabis education, research and best practices, represents new but compelling research and development opportunity for TOK.

Experts in Pain Management

Tree of Knowledge has recently merged with Asterion Bio Med Inc., specialists in medical cannabis education, research, and best practices. Operating as the Toronto Poly Clinic Inc., Asterion also manages a group of multidisciplinary specialty pain clinics in Canada. With about 20 associate clinic physicians who treat 10,700+ active patients – Asterion has been able to establish best practices for prescribing, administering, and monitoring medical cannabis therapy. This allows for the rapid scaling of ongoing observational studies, conducting new product trials, and generation of valuable data for government, insurance, and cannabis industry participants.