Medically Focused. Rooted In Science.

Our Goal

Improving the quality of life of millions of people around the world who struggle with pain, as well as combating opioid dependency.

Our Brand

Bringing excellence and compassion to patient treatment through our research advancements, patient education and advocacy, on-site multidisciplinary clinics and the highest quality CBD products.

Our Impact

Introducing new avenues of pain management and freeing patients from opioid dependency, made possible with our extensive industry renowned network of physicians, practitioners and researchers.

Multidisciplinary Pain Clinics

Tree of Knowledge’s Research and Development department is a private, Canadian-based healthcare company focussed on the operation of multidisciplinary specialty pain clinics, as well as medical cannabis research, product development and education. The company’s flagship operation is the Toronto Poly Clinic Inc. group of specialty pain clinics. Toronto Poly Clinic has research agreements with multiple leading universities on gathering real scientific data to evaluate the effects of medical cannabis on various diseases, along with developing new formulation and delivery methods. Thanks to the partnership with Jack Nathan Medical Inc., TOK has access to one of the largest healthcare networks across Canada that will lead to an affiliate clinic expansion program and the implementation of a nationwide platform for medical cannabis education and research.


Consumer Products

Tree of Knowledge is committed to leading research and developing innovative cannabidiol (CBD) products for a broad range of symptoms and overall wellness. EVR CBD, a division of TOK, is well positioned to be a leader in this market through its high-quality CBD products and a well-established network of distribution.



Tree of Knowledge is a technology holding, research, and development firm, established to take advantage of the opportunities born from an emerging market.

Tree of Knowledge collaborates with universities, leading addiction scientists, clinical sites, and cannabis producers to develop and manufacture novel cannabinoid-based products, advance the study of opioid addiction and pain management.


Co-Branded Products

Tree of Knowledge co-branded high quality cannabidiol (CBD) products bring the best value to consumers.