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A Leading BioMedical Company

Our company is driven by science-based research and focussed on the development, processing and manufacturing of high-quality cannabinoid products. We provide a diverse range of goods that not only include medicinals, nutraceuticals and cosmetics, but food, beverage and veterinary products as well. We derive all our products from natural cannabis and hemp using a state-of-the-art process that is as close to the source as possible. We are proud to sport a diverse team of world-class talent in the fields of education, research, evidence-based product development, GMP manufacturing, quality production and packaging with the most extensive access to patients and international markets. Research for developing new formulations and methods of delivery along with providing best practices educations are the highlights of our team.

Board of Directors

Ommid John Faghani


Ommid John Faghani has been involved in various businesses in Canada and overseas including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, finance, telemedicine, education, and immigration.
He is the President of Newland Financial Inc. a private lending and Investment company in Toronto. Newland provides business loans for start-ups and construction financing
He also has been the Managing Director of Canadian Consulting Group Inc. since 1997 assisting hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors with their migration and investment needs in Canada. He is the President of Iran Canada Business Council and a Director and Board member for MTCC 788 in Toronto.
He has studied engineering, Sciences and management at McMaster, U of T and Ryerson. He holds a degree in Engineering, an MBA, MSc in Strategic Planning and currently doing a Doctoral degree in Management. OJ has been an instructor in several universities and is involved in charities and community organizations.

Jacqueline Jordan


Jacqueline Jordan has over 25 years of experience in client support and solutions, evaluation, coaching and customer relations. She recently retired as a Director of Technical Support Digital Operations University Health Network (UHN) Canada’s largest health science centre. Over the years she has built real trust with clinical, research, education and corporate staff, to best maintain a stabilized and efficient IT infrastructure. She has a post graduate diploma in Applied Information Technology from the Institute of Information Technology, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Psychology from Himachal Pradesh University, India.

Scott Reeves


Partner at TingleMerrett LLP law firm. Corporate and securities counsel to numerous Canadian and International public and private corporations, including a large number of issuers active in the North American cannabis industry. Wide experience in private and public debt and equity offerings, corporate acquisitions of both assets and shares, corporate structuring and debt financing. Extensive experience assisting issuers intending to list and operate on Canadian stock exchanges. BA of Commerce and BA of Laws, University of Alberta. Executive member of the Advisory Board, TSX Venture Exchange.

Dr. Kaivan Talachian


Dr. Kaivan Talachian holds a doctorate in pharmacy (Pharm. D) and is a practicing pharmacist in Canada with more than 25 years of diverse experience in the pharmaceutical, medical devices, and healthcare information technology.
He has been involved in medical cannabis research, education, and innovation since 2013. Kaivan managed the development and implementation of integrated medication management and nursing medication verification solution which was pioneered at West Park hospital in Toronto. This solution was subsequently implemented in the United States and acquired by Baxter Pharmaceuticals. He has contributed to the application of several patents in Canada, the US, and the European Union.
He is currently the CEO of Concinto Inc, a consulting firm based in Toronto as well as the executive director of Hami Canada a not for profit organization focused on providing educational opportunities in deprived global regions.